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South Sudan

Since the beginning of the 20th century, development has created a worldwide phenomena as a trendsetter for change. In the areas of technology and business industry, development has been acting as a force to shift nations from being underdeveloped to a developing country leaving no state behind the uncivilised period. With the fast paced evolution all over the world, demand for professions and services in the construction industry has risen, new technology and techniques for building have been introduced and more professionals have emerged with knowledge to partake in the new trend of construction. BML is set to lead in these changes and become a pioneer in global industrialisation. In order to achieve this, the Company believes in delivering quality services to clients through professional expertise, integrity and team effort of its staff and all project participants.

BML offers top consulting services for engineering works and designs of infrastructures ranging from medium to large scale projects. BML helps clients achieve their laid out plans with on time and satisfactory results giving them a worry-free environment that enables them to continue doing their business while their plans are being materialised. With BML, positive outcome is a certainty.

Juba Airport Terminal Building
Sudan Insurance Company

When BML embarked to operate in Juba, South Sudan, and was employed by the Ministry of Transport and Roads Government of South Sudan (GOSS) to rehabilitate the Juba International and Domestic Airport for better accommodation of incoming and outgoing flights.  From then on, BML was hired by various individuals and organizations for project management and design services.  With stately works on school projects, clinic constructions, office buildings to simple housing creations, BML has shown to its clients its capability in the industry. 


Rehabilitation of Juba Roads

Construction of 60 km road infrastructure in Juba, South Sudan.

Juba Airport Apron Construction

Design and supervision of construction of 12,000m2 aircraft parking in Juba, South Sudan.

Juba Airport Masterplan Study

Masterplan study and design of Airport facilities in Juba, South Sudan.

Juba Airport Terminal Building

Design and supervision of construction of 10,300m2 Airport terminal in Juba, South Sudan.

New Sudan Insurance Company

Design and supervision of head office complex of New Sudan Insurance Company in Juba, South Sudan.

Private Residence

Design and construction of private residences in Juba, South Sudan.

Interior Design of Juba Airport Terminal

Design and supervision of interior decoration of Juba Airport terminal building, South Sudan.

Rumbek Airport

Design of civil works and building works of Rumbek Airport in South Sudan.

Supply and Installation of Safety and Security System at Juba Airport

Turn-key project to design, supply and install security systems at Juba International Airport, South Sudan.

Blue Magnolia Partners

CCM SRL (Italy)

C.C.M. specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of Interior and Systems for Airports, Metro and Ferry Terminals, and is a project-oriented organization, capable of handling integrated package of Interior Furnishings, Finishes & Fittings

AURECON (now Zutari)

Aurecon provides multi-disciplinary professional services on a broad range of infrastructure projects across diverse industries, with clients and projects in 69 countries.


For 130 years Colombostile company has been exporting the excellence of Italian interior design to Europe, Middle East, Ukraine, Russia, India, China and United States: the richness of materials and the high quality of our products are praised and appreciated all over the world.