Developing and Discovering world class assets in Africa

Blue Magnolia Limited is an internationally active engineering consulting, construction and mining company. 

Blue Magnolia Ltd

Developing and Discovering world class assets in Africa

Blue Magnolia Limited has proven capabilities and experience to deliver projects with its highly qualified professionals and up-to date technology. In the company’s history, Blue Magnolia Limited has met, and often exceeded, client’s expectations. With customer satisfaction as the goal, partnerships are developed and services provided to meet client’s brief and requirements within financial and operational constraints.

Blue Magnolia Limited provides strong solutions to clients by giving high quality services through up-to-date  technology, experienced and motivated staff, and professional workmanship enabling the company to deliver on time and within budget works. In addition to construction and mineral exploration, Blue Magnolia Limited provides services in form of turnkey-project approach in specialized components of work, such as area of security and safety and interior design components of the construction work.

Strategy and Vision

Since the beginning of the 20th century, development has created a worldwide phenomena as a trendsetter for change. In the areas of technology and business industry, development has been acting as a force to shift nations from being underdeveloped towards growth to become a pioneer in African industrialisation. With the fast paced evolution all over the world, demand for professions and services in the construction industry has risen, new technology and techniques for building have been introduced and more professionals have emerged with knowledge to partake in the new trend of construction. BML is set to lead in these changes and become a pioneer in global industrialisation. In order to achieve this, the Company believes in delivering quality services to clients through professional expertise, integrity and team effort of its staff and all project participants.