Environmental Policy

At Blue Magnolia we are committed to operating in ways that engage positively with local communities and minimise our impact on the environment as much as possible. Blue Magnolia is actively working towards a strategy that involves stakeholders whilst developing an environmental policy in line with international standards.

Sustainability Policy

Blue Magnolia Limited (BML) is an international engineering consulting, construction and mining company.

BML’s approach to sustainability ensures that all ESG issues are integrated into the daily operations of the company. This includes the natural environment, including climate change and biodiversity, social responsibility, and governance.
BML has an operational Corporate Sustainability Committee (CSC) that is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of the company’s sustainability policy and framework. The CSC is led by the Chief Sustainability Officer and meets quarterly to review the effective implementation of the BML Sustainability framework. This includes but is not restricted to;
• Sustainability objectives and targets
• Budget allocations
• Reporting and, governance

Sustainability Commitment
BML is dedicated to the provision of mining, construction and prospecting services based on the company’s integrated sustainability approach which is based on the three pillars of sustainability: environment, society and governance. Our commitment to sustainability informs every facet of our business, including how we plan, prospect, design and implement projects.
Our sustainability commitment ensures that we operate in a net neutral or net positive manner wherever possible. In the event that our operations have a negative impact we ensure that we mitigate and reduce any risks emanating for our operations.
BML is committed to supporting a just transition towards a sustainable, inclusive, and low carbon future.

Natural Environment
BML incorporates environmental protection, risk management and efficient usage of natural resources across its value chain and into all aspects of its operation. This involves efficient water and energy usage, carbon emissions and waste management and reduction and the management and protection of biodiversity.
A flagship project involves the Protection of Pangolins in the indigenous forests of Equatorial Guinea.

Social Responsibility
Social responsibility forms a key operating principle of BML. We strive to facilitate social cohesion, diversity and inclusion internally within the company and externally within communities affected by our operations, with our stakeholders and shareholders.
We strive to leave a positive footprint wherever we operate and create socially cohesive and resilient communities.

Good governance, transparency and accountability form the cornerstone of our operations. Sound corporate governance is embedded across the company ensuring transparency, accountability and compliance to laws regulation and best practice.